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Miss Reynolds

Year Group 2

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In Sycamores class, we recognise the importance of developing early reading skills. This is why daily reading at home is our main focus for homework. Children choose their own, banded reading books each week on a Monday to take home to read with family members or carers during the week. Children are encouraged to phonetically sound out and blend words to help them with their reading and through consistent practise at home, we are able to see children develop enough confidence to begin reading fluently throughout the year. As well as fluency, we strive to improve comprehension skills. We use the reading VIPERS both at home and in the classroom to question and challenge children’s understanding of their books.

The class also has weekly maths homework that is set each Friday on Ed Shed. This is either practise of number bonds, addition and subtraction facts or times tables.

Building wonderful classroom communities with parents, carers and pupils.

Living, Dead or Never Alive?

Here we are identifying, sorting and grouping different things into those that are alive, those that are dead and those that have never been alive in science! We are using the acronym MRS GREN to help us decide between living and dead. Some of the key questions to help us make our decisions are: Is it moving? Is it breathing? Does it eat and drink?

Tens and ones

In our maths lessons this term we are looking at numbers up to 100. We have been using Base 10 to create numbers and demonstrate how many tens and ones make up a number. We know that one ten is the same as ten lots of one!

Colour Wheels

We have some budding artists in Sycamores class! We have enjoyed mixing the primary colours to explore what secondary colours can be made and have presented our findings so carefully and neatly within these colour wheels.