My name is Jamie McStocker and I have been a parent governor at our school since 2011. I am also the Chair of Governors.

I have worked in the ICT and Communications industry since 1995 and specifically with the Education sector since 1998. I have experience in developing and delivering ICT solutions and services for Education which support pedagogy and learning outcomes for children and adults of all ages. Through my professional work I have regular engagement with government agencies, educationalists, policy makers, innovators, worldwide manufacturers and suppliers to the education sector.

I have lived in Middle Barton since 2006. My first child joined the School in 2011 and my second child joined the school in 2014. Since being elected Parent Governor for our School and I have sat on the resources committee which I have chaired on two separate occasions.

I want to help our school build and maintain being the best it can be. Aiming for excellence in all that we do, helping our children develop the attitudes and skills to reach their full potential, removing any barriers to learning in a safe and supportive, fun and engaging environment.

My name is Teresa Street and I am a Parent Governor and Vice Chair of Governors at Middle Barton School.

I became involved with Middle Barton School when my eldest child joined the foundation class in 2010, and now have 1 child who attends school here and one who is at Chipping Norton School. I work as both a Lecturer and Research Scientist for the University of Oxford, and am passionate about engaging children with science. I am also a trained STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) ambassador, which enables me to not only enthuse, and hopefully inspire, children in STEM subjects, but to support teachers in these areas too. I was elected onto the Governing Body in November 2015, and am currently vice-chair, chair of the Academy sub-committee, a member of the Resources Committee and the Link Governor for both Science and RE.

My name is Alison Umney. I have lived in Middle Barton for over thirty years and my own children attended the school many years ago. I have recently retired after working in Oxfordshire as a Key Stage One teacher for over twenty years. In my last school I spent many years as the SENDco, was Key Stage one coordinator and was a member of the senior leadership team. I remain interested in primary education and welcome the opportunity to use my knowledge and experience to support the continued growth and success of Middle Barton school.

My name is Kim Hogan and I am a member of the support staff at Middle Barton School.

My name is Charlie Barwell and I am the Headteacher at Middle Barton School.

My name is Alex Bingham and I am the Maths Lead at Middle Barton School.

My name is Peter Wild. I was born and bred in Sheffield. I moved to Oxfordshire in 1984 (the home county of my wife) having previously lived in Derbyshire. Much of my time in Oxfordshire has been spent in Steeple Aston, however I moved to Middle Barton in 2015. I have spent most of my adult life working in Education, and a great deal of that time has been spent specialising in special educational needs and behaviour management. I am now semi-retired.

I am a keen amateur sportsman and writer. My hobbies include helping to run a football club and writing a blog satirising some of the more insane aspects of modern life.

My name is Emma Merry, I am a primary teacher, SENDco and former Deputy Head Teacher. I have currently taken a step back from Deputy Headship to give more time to my children, one of which began in Reception in 2017. I grew up in the Village and attended the school myself, moving away for University. I lived and taught in St Albans for 10 years and have recently returned to the area.

In Hertfordshire I was a leading teacher for Literacy and supported many other schools in raising their standards. Although I am currently not a Deputy Head I miss the challenge of leading a school and I am excited to begin as a governor at Middle Barton and sharing my expertise. I believe the joy of learning and education begins at an early age and should be nurtured to foster a joy of education.

My name is Rachel Houghton. I have experience of primary education both as a parent and in my career as a publisher and learning specialist. I have worked for many years in educational publishing, including over a decade in primary. I have worked with many primary teachers and pupils while developing reading, literacy and intervention resources. My daughter enjoyed and benefited from her time at Middle Barton School and made a successful transition to Chipping Norton in 2016. I am passionate about learning - not just the what but the how - and believe that all the best learning starts with curiosity. I am link governor for literacy, assessment, inclusion, PSCHE and pupil voice.

My name is Matthew Cubley, I have two children at the school. I run a small electrical business and have done since we moved to the village in 2002.

I joined the Governing Body in April 2016 and was appointed as a Parent Governor. I am the governor for maths, willow class governor and I also sit on the Standards and Performance Committee.

My job takes me around a number of primary and secondary schools. I get to see a great deal of how they work, what they do and more importantly there ethos. I am also part of the leadership team at 1st Barton’s Beaver Colony and Cub Pack and was previously assistant scout leader of Yarnton scout Troop.

I believe the knowledge I have gained through my work at various schools, my leadership roles within the scouting movement and my ability to stand up and get my point of view across will enable me to be a useful asset to the governing body and challenge the school to achieve the highest possible standards for all who attend.

I have seen the school improve greatly over the last few years and look forward to being part of its continued success.

Welcome from our Chair of Governors, Jamie McStocker

On behalf of the Governing Body may I welcome you to information about our school governors that you may find useful. Our aim and the focus of all our work is to ensure each child receives a good education through effective teaching and the provision of a broad and balanced curriculum.

Presently Middle Barton Primary School has 9 governors who may have been appointed by the Local Authority or voted for by the parents of the school or recruited from the community because of skills they are able to offer to the Governing Body.

School Governors

The village school is a vital part of the local community and the Governing Body plays an important role in ensuring the school continues to build on the success that the Headteacher and her staff have worked so hard to achieve.

The formal role of the Governing Body is to play an important part in the strategic leadership of the school, working with the Headteacher, and to hold the Head to account. In this section you will find a number of pages with more information about the membership and work of the Governing Body.

If you have Comments, Concerns or Compliments (CCC) you would like to pass on to the school and the Governing Body, please do pass on your feedback. If you have any matters you wish to raise with the Chair of Governors, Mr Jamie McStocker, please post a letter (addressed to the Chair of Governors) to the school office or email, marking it for the attention of the Chair of Governors. Thank you.

What is the Core Function of the Governing Body?

The Governing Body is the strategic leader of the school. The main focus of our work is to promote high standards of educational achievement in our school. We aim to build a co-operative, productive and supportive relationship with the head teacher- to ensure that every child gets the best possible education according to their own specific needs. We want the children to achieve their potential through a rich and varied curriculum that develops them as confident, hardworking and creative pupils. We ensure that the school is accountable to the children and parents and to the local community for the quality of the education provided, as well as caring for the professional development of all the staff who work in the school.

We focus upon three core functions:

Firstly, to ensure the school has a clear vision of what it wants to achieve for the children and where the curriculum is appropriate and relevant to all the children’s different needs. We work with the head teacher to ensure that a clear message about the ethos of the work of the school is shared with all who work and learn there, together with its parents and carers and that it is an ethos that is positive, hardworking, caring and inclusive. Most importantly we set the strategic direction in all actions of the school.

Secondly, to hold the head teacher to account for the educational performance of the school and all the pupils. This also includes the performance management of the staff.

Thirdly, to oversee the financial performance of the school to make sure its money is spent wisely and well.