Friends of Middle Barton School (FOMBS)

We would like to introduce you to  Friends of Middle Barton School (FOMBS). We are the PTFA (parents, teachers and friends  association) who organise fundraising events over the school year to raise money for Middle  Barton School.  

Our aim is to raise several thousand pounds a year to spend on improving and enriching the experience of  students at Middle Barton School. In recent years we have used this money towards a  variety of things such as the new running track, building of an outdoor classroom, updating  the reading book collection and funding activities at the school enrichment days. We also  pay for book bags for the new Acorns class and contribute to the year 6 leavers hoodies.    

We are a small, friendly group and are always looking for new members to join us. We meet  a couple of times a term, the meetings are very relaxed and usually involve a few drinks! We  all have other significant responsibilities and do as much or as little as we are able to-there  is no pressure! With a few members of this already small group likely to leave in coming  years, as their children go to secondary school, we really do need new members to be able  to continue. If you would be interested in joining us or would just like to help plan an event  our contact details are below. It is a good way to meet other families at the school and we  would love to welcome you. 

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