Intent We intend to provide for the progressive development of skills in movement, voice, and aural imagery, and to show an awareness and appreciation of organised sound patterns. Children will respond to music with sensitivity, analysis and be able to critique.  They will be able to express ideas, thoughts and feelings through music through a curriculum covering awareness and understanding of traditions and styles from a variety of cultures, times and places. 
Implementation Music is implemented using the Charanga Model Curriculum scheme of work. This exposes pupils to the terminology and basic skills needed to develop further in their extracurricular activities or further education.  These skills include notation, composing, purposes of music and key elements such as tempo and pitch. They have access to tuned and untuned instruments in the school’s music room to allow children to compose their own music as well as learn the differences in instrument class in a hands-on manner. Children also experience different song genre types and learn songs from artists across history. 
Impact Children leave Middle Barton with a solid foundation of music knowledge that they are able to build on further in their secondary education. They are encouraged to develop a love and understanding of the subject and the key components that make a piece of music.

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