Our Intention

‘At Middle Barton School we believe that inspired teaching and leadership is the bedrock to help, motivate and develop children to reach their full potential. Through our care, respect for each other and sense of belonging, we aim to encourage excellence, valuing uniqueness in all children in our community. We provide a broad and exciting curriculum to promote achievement and our team are committed to developing the whole child in becoming a happy, balanced and responsible citizen.’

Be Curious – Believe – Challenge – Achieve

Middle Barton School Curriculum Intent


How we arrived at this Intent

This has been a carefully considered process involving all members of our school community. Curriculum vision evenings, staff discussions about ‘Who are Middle Barton children?’ and talks with our feeder secondary school and governor meetings led us to design our curriculum intent.

What type of curriculum do we want OUR children to receive?

All pupils at Middle Barton will benefit from a wide curriculum that is underpinned by our school values: RESPECT, COMPASSION and INTEGRITY. Through our Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural curriculum, we aim to prepare all children as best we can for the world in which they live, will contribute to, and in which they will succeed and thrive – embodied in the British Values.

Through a purposely inclusive curriculum, covering academic, technical and vocational elements, all children, whether with special needs or disadvantaged, will be prepared for the next step in their education.

What is our curriculum?

Our curriculum has been carefully sequenced with breadth and ambition built in, resulting in a knowledge-rich, subject-based programme which emphasises ‘PRIOR LEARNING, REVISITING and NEW LEARNING’ within every lesson. By mastering the key concepts, our children will build a depth of understanding and develop a fluency through and across all subjects, enabling them to acquire and apply skills and therefore not ‘rush through the curriculum’.

What is our offer to the children by the time they leave Middle Barton School?

Children will have a strong moral conscience and understanding about their commitment to our modern British society and know how to be a responsible citizen. They will have respect and compassion for all, irrespective of culture, religion, gender, deprivation, ethnicity or differing mental and physical needs. Children will be prepared for the secondary stage of their education by ensuring they are at the correct levels in reading so that they can access the wider curriculum.

For more information on our curriculum, please contact the school.