Religious Education (RE)


Our RE lessons are intended to offer a broad RE curriculum; to allow for a variety of ways to explore religions, our community and personal development and wellbeing. 

Children will know about and understand a range of religions and world views. They will be able to identify, investigate and respond to a variety of issues. We want children to understand the relevance of RE in today’s modern world and how it affects their lives.

Christianity is the main religion taught, in accordance with the national guidelines; however all of the 6 core religions are studied across key stage 1 and 2.


We follow the Twinkl RE scheme of work for RE. In KS1, children begin to look at other religions, focusing on celebrations and rituals. In KS2, children access a wider range of learning opportunities about the world’s religions including deeper understanding of the origin of those religions and their key stories and teachings. Throughout both key stages, emphasis on personal growth and community cohesion is evident, allowing for personal development for the children from KS1 to the end of KS2. Key words are included to show the progression skills around the specific language involved in the children’s learning. In Early Years children are taught to recognise that people have different beliefs and celebrate special times in different ways. 


Our RE curriculum will lead children to have a better understanding of the religions that make up the UK landscape. Children will be informed about their position in the world, and the decisions they can make impacting their future. Children in school will be able to talk confidently about their wellbeing, moral and cultural development for the society in which they live. The RE curriculum promotes respect, tolerance and understanding for all those around them including themselves

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