Physical Education (PE)

At Middle Barton School, we aim to motivate, inspire and develop a passion for physical activity and games. We deliver high quality, engaging and inclusive lessons that allow all children to build upon prior knowledge and skills from EYFS through to Year 6. Children will acquire a range of transferable skills through innovative lessons that develop the whole child.Our PE lessons branch into 6 focus areas throughout the academic year to ensure that we are helping every child to achieve and progress whilst finding their niche and interests in physical activity. These areas are: creativity, social skills, health and fitness, cognitive development, personal best, self confidence and physical skills. Alongside this, children are taught about relative sporting games and will develop an awareness for the vast range of games available for them to be a part of both internally and externally. All our children will have opportunities to compete in intra school and inter school games that will ensure to build character and help to embed values such as respect, cooperation and fairness. As role models for the children, we will help them to develop a positive mindset about sports and begin to recognise the impact on well being and mental health as they grow up.

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DFE Physical Education National Curriculum

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