Physical Education (PE)

Intent At Middle Barton School, we aim to motivate, inspire and develop a passion for physical activity and games. We deliver high quality, engaging and inclusive lessons that allow all children to build upon prior knowledge and skills from EYFS through to Year 6. Children will acquire a range of transferable skills through innovative lessons that develop the whole child.As role models for the children, we will help them to develop a positive mindset about sports and begin to recognise the impact on well being and mental health as they grow up. 

Children at Middle Barton School receive, at minimum, two hours of high quality PE lessons each week. This is split across two days of the week. 

We follow the Real PE scheme that endeavours to develop the whole child with its six focus areas throughout the academic year: creativity, social skills, health and fitness, cognitive development, personal best and physical skills. These focus areas help children to make confident progress whilst finding their niche and interests within physical activity. There is much opportunity for the children to independently challenge themselves in each lesson as they work on their fundamental skills and apply learning in new and unique games. 

Children also receive enjoyable lessons on a variety of sporting activities including; striking and fielding games, net and wall games, invasion games, gymnastics and dance, swimming and outdoor and adventure. Through these lessons, children will develop skills, tactics and an awareness for the vast range of sports and games available for them to be a part of both internally and externally.

We like to utilise local links for sports giving all of our children opportunities to compete in inter-school and intra-school competitions. These ensure to build character and help to embed values such as respect, cooperation and fairness.

Each year a handful of year 6 children receive training to become our school Sports Leaders. They act as positive role models for the younger children, helping motivate them to keep fit and move at lunchtimes through a range of fun and inclusive games. They are also required to help plan Sports Day and other sports events throughout the year. 

We make good use of our school running track with each class completing the ‘Daily Mile’. We also offer a range of extra curricular opportunities in sports and physical activity..


Impact is measured at the end of each half term and topic area through teacher assessment  to track individual pupil’s understanding throughout the unit. 

Teachers use the school’s progression of skills document to inform their judgments as well as pupil voice. 

Ability to do games, fundamental skills and developing focus areas are assessed separately on tracking grids. 

We also offer children opportunities to evaluate their own work and their peers’ work to help improve personal best

Useful Information

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DFE Physical Education National Curriculum

Curriculum Information

Progression of skills


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