Reading is at the heart of our curriculum at Middle Barton School. We know that reading is fundamental to a child’s ability to access the curriculum. 

Through a carefully planned and delivered curriculum, the children will have opportunities to develop and explore their deep love of reading. Quality texts are chosen with clear intentions and are offered throughout the school.


Reading is taught daily using reading VIPERS. 

Necessary vocabulary is pre-taught at the beginning of each lesson so that all children can access the text. The remaining VIPERS are then taught in the lessons.

Reading fluency is taught once a week. 

All children remain on a progressional banded book until band 16 when they are then able to choose an age-appropriate book from the carefully chosen books available in class.  

Phonics is taught daily in Reception and KS1, using Bug Club and all children are read with 1:1 at least once a week. 

Every child is expected to read at home. Children in Reception to Year 2 take home a phonics based book which is the phase they are currently learning in school, they also take home a banded book for fluency.     


Live feedback informs future planning

PIRA assessments are used from years 1-6 at various points throughout the year

Targeted questioning throughout lessons

We assess for fluency and change regularly through their book band reading level. 

Useful Information

Please click to access or download the useful documents below:

DFE English National Curriculum

Long Term Plan Reception/Year 1

Long Term Plan Year 2

Long Term Plan Year 3/4

Long Term Plan Year 5/6