Welcome to Willows

Mr Smith

Year Group 5

Curriculum Map

PSHE: (SCARF) – Me and My Relationships

PE: Real PE – Unit 1 & Gymnastics

Term 1 Autumn

Languages and the Art

Reading: We will be working on VIPERS each week- Vocabulary, Inference, Predictions, Explaining, Retrieving and Summarising

Writing: The Thief Lord. This term will be working on writing a narrative, diary and poetry.

MFL: French -France, classroom language, talking about ourselves

Art / Design: Exploring colour – N/A

Music:Musical Scrabble – Learning reading, writing and performing simple standard treble clef notation

STEM – Science Technology and Maths

Maths: Place Value – Numbers upto 100,000 – Rounding the nearest 10, 100, 1000 – Roman Numerals – Negative numbers – Addition and Subtraction

Science: Materials- states of matter – Properties and changes of materials

Technology:  Structures Understand how to strengthen, stiffen and reinforce 3-D frameworks. (Making a Volcano)

Knowledge and Understanding of The World


Short topic- name and locate counties and cities of the United Kingdom

Main topic- Italy/Volcanoes 

Computing: Commuting systems and networks – sharing information

RE: Is a holy journey necessary for believers?

Download the curriculum for Term 1

Useful Information

Useful websites for the children and parents relevant to your year group

Maths Prodigy – a maths game where you solve questions to cast spells
Maths Fishing – fun times tables practice
Countdown –  great for problem solving, multiplication, addition, subtraction, and division practise
My minimaths – (great for arithmetic practice- quick daily fluency questions or full mock SATs arithmetic papers)
Mathsbot – (can choose questions per topic- differentiated ones are good, then click on question to reveal the answer)
White Rose problem of the day- great for extending reasoning skills
White Rose parent booklets – have booklets with example questions for each ‘block’ (topic) we do in class- good for further practice or to see what style of questions your child is doing.


(See below for information taken directly from the policy)

Daily times table practice on Ed Shed (times tables set appropriately to child’s level)

Daily independent reading at home – can be a book from home or school


Reading is paramount and of the most benefit to the children but also has the least amount of time in a school day for 1:1. So each child will have a specified minimum number of days per week that they are to share a book with a parent or independently read.

Times and division tables are a prerequisite to so many maths concepts and are an essential platform for other areas and so each child will be given tables to learn, specific to their own ability ready for a test in school.

At Middle Barton Maths homework is set using an online system.

Every child from Year 1 to Year 6 has their own login and is set a weekly maths and spelling task by their class teacher.

Building wonderful classroom communities with parents, carers and pupils.